Stop 1 is a multidisciplinary design workshop and studio. We create works of art and design experiences inspired by the unnoticed everyday themes and objects of the inner city.


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Diary of a Hair Dresser

Cyril August was born to Canadian writer Albert August and actress Mary Boucher-August, in Los Angeles, California. After a time at the Joseph Martin Salon, at the Beverly Hills Hotel, Cyril opened Northern Hair salon in 2012.
            The New York Times stated that “Cyril might be an artist; he’s definitely a craftsman on par with any designer in any medium, but he just might be an artist too.” Karl Lagerfeld stated in interview that, “August is the Stéphane Mallarmé of hair.”
        Often Mr. August trades his scissors for sheers and can be found pruning all manner of flora in his Bel Air garden.

Northern Hair is located at 1101.5 Doheny Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90069. By appointment only. (555) 555-5555

STOP 1 pays homage to the ”one stop shops”, convenience stores and auto shops found in the inner city. Their all-encompassing consumer model inspires us to connect multiple facets of culture through commercial and public art.